I know I should be studying, but I can’t help but daydream about how amazing our life would be if we were to be married -if our two completely different and distant lives were to become one.

Every morning, I would roll over to watch you sleeping silently. I would spend a few moments just to observe the way your body insufflates and exhales in perfect rhythm. I would admire the serene look on your face and I would think to myself that this is when you are the most beautiful: relaxed, naive, vulnerable.

After a few minutes of this, I would kiss you all over. This is how I would wake you up. Our breaths may smell like a dumpsite, but we don’t care. We would kiss each other passionately, as if each kiss would be our last.

Though lots of effort may be required, I would finally roll out of bed to make us some breakfast. Semi-nude. Or nude, depending on how I’m feeling that morning. We would then have a lovely breakfast together and get ready to go to our respective workplaces. We would then kiss each other goodbye and spend the next few hours away from each other. And even though we’d be married and spend every other minute of our lives together, we would still terribly miss each other at work.

In the evenings, we would cook dinner together and wash the dishes together. After that, if there was work that needed to be done, we’d do it together. And maybe after that, we would pop open a bottle of wine and spend a quiet evening watching a movie or TV show on Netflix. And maybe after THAT, if we weren’t too tired, we’d make concupiscent love to each other.

We would end our day by lying down in our bed. We would cuddle and rest in each other’s arms as we both fall asleep. This would be my favorite part of my day- the part of my day that would remind me that I am yours and you are mine. The part of the day that would justifiably end a great day spent with you. The part of the day that would serve as an indicator of the love that was produced when two different lives joined and coalesced together to become one.

We sleep. I wake up. And then it repeats again.



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