Monday mornings are always tiring, but Monday mornings after an exhausting weekend? It’s a whole new kind of death.

The part where I chatted with you was the only good part about my morning. If you weren’t on the other line, I honestly would never have woken up. And when you went offline I felt my fatigue kick in, even though I went to slept relatively early. The retreat was that tiring.

I made my coffee stronger than usual because I knew I would have a long day ahead. In my first subject, English, we watched a movie entitled “What About Bob?” The movie had nothing to do with our English subject; our prof just decided to reward us with a movie related to our major.

The movie stars Bill Murray as a multi-phobic, neurotic man who follows his intelligent yet ignorant psychiatrist all the way to New Hampshire (where the psychiatrist is spending vacation with his family). I thought the film was pretty funny. Only I could understand certain references and innuendos because I grew up in America. For example, when they showed “The Brady Bunch” I was the only one who could relate.

In my developmental psychology class, we finished a discussion about Middle Childhood. We talked a lot about anxiety and neuroticism, so I opened up to my professor and classmates about my anxiety. I told them why I always play 2Fuse or another game on my cellphone before any quiz or test. I explained that playing games is the only way I can get rid of my nerves so that I don’t get test anxiety. I also explained that I picked up smoking because my anxiety was very severe. I was happy to report, however, that I’ve quit smoking and I’m finding other ways to cope with my anxiety and low emotional stability. My classmates and professor were very proud of me.

I don’t think I’ve told you a lot about my condition. I’d love to tell you more when we talk on the phone. 🙂

Because I’m a scholar, I have 14 hours of work to do by the end of the semester. Some people have to do 30 or 40 hours, but my scholarship is mostly academic and I have to maintain a very high average, so my hours are lower than most scholars. I worked from 12-4. I was supposed to work until 6, but I asked someone to cover my last two hours. I wanted to go home and greet you a good morning.

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing day today! I love you. Always try to aim for happiness and self-fulfillment. Shit is destined to happen, but what you do in those crappy situations is what defines you.




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