Roller coaster

Today was an interesting day. Today has had its fair share of ups and downs, sort of like a roller coaster.

Do you remember that chemistry quiz I thought I failed a while back? Well, it turns out I got a near-perfect score. I ended up getting an A! I was also one of the few who passed. Because my score was high, I broke the curve for everyone else. Needless to say I received many phony compliments and words of congratulations. Tough love.

But, my spirits were dampened once I took my lab tests. Now I’m POSITIVE I failed.

I heard “Marry Me” twice today: once on the way to the Bureau of Immigration and and again at the mall. I also heard a remix of “Sweet Escape” on the radio. I had another one of those crazy throwback moments!

Because we’re American citizens, we have to fill out an annual report and pay a fee for our visas. The Bureau of Immigration gave us a hard time and we spent a lot of time there AND we still have to go back tomorrow! Ugh.

I couldn’t help but smile as I read your blog. I had a hard time understanding it because most of the Filipino words you used were very deep. After I read it, I thought about how well I could write in Filipino without using a translator or dictionary. One of these days I will write a love letter for in Filipino.

I hope you have an amazing day today! I love you! :*



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