Friday Madness

This blog post is going to be filled with different ramblings and they have no connection to each other whatsoever. You have been warned.

My Friday has been quite eventful. My day started off well because I was able to talk to you. My day can never be bad whenever I start it off talking to you, baby.
I got to school 40 minutes early as usual. (You know me, I hate being late.) And while I was stressing out over the three quizzes I THOUGHT I had to take (I ended up only taking one. The other two got moved. I was freaking out over nothing!) I still had a great morning at school.
While I normally daydream in English, I didn’t this time because today’s class was quite interesting. We spent a good thirty minutes talking about my prof’s theory of how the Chinese will conquer the Philippines very soon. He even used Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” to support his claim. His explanation is very convincing and even frightened me a little.
Remember when I told you I was thinking about enrolling in a basic Chinese language course? Yeah, I think I’m going to sign up for one very very very very very soon. Just in case.
My classes ended at 10am (!!!!!) today because my last prof was absent. I crammed for one of my quizzes, took it, met up with a friend for lunch, crammed again for another quiz, went to see the prof, prof said I could take it on Monday, went to see another prof, prof wasn’t in her office, went home.
So because I’ve been chasing my professors all afternoon, I got really aggravated. I hate when I try to see a prof during his/her scheduled consultation hours and the prof isn’t there! It was such a waste of my time. While I waited for a good thirty minutes, I thought of a great app idea: Find My Prof!
With Find My Prof, there will be two different kinds of sign ins: Student and Professor. Students will register as students and professors will register as, well, professors.
The app acts as a sort of “GPS” for students. However, the professor gets to approve which students get to track him/her. Also, the professor can only be tracked if he or she signs into the app. This could be when a professor steps onto campus or something. 
It’s a wild idea, I know. If I was a professor I probably wouldn’t want students following my every move, but how cool would Find My Prof be?
I’m running errands with my dad as I type this. My day has been good so far. Of course I still miss you and my heart aches whenever I think about you, but I hold up better a little more each day.
I’m slowly getting used to our new routine. Talking to you is great, but I still miss being able to hold you and kiss you.
Just 300-something more days, baby.

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