Being bedridden for the last couple of hours has allowed me to catch up on three things: 1) sleep 2) talking to you and 3) Homeland. In fact, I finished season one while you were away at baseball.


I’ve become so attached to the show I’ve begun to empathize with some of the characters. One part of the season finale struck me hard. I know you don’t watch the show so you won’t understand what’s going on, but I’ll share the dialogue with you anyway:


“Listen to me; this man has poisoned your thoughts. He has cost you almost everything. Forget him.”

“I can’t. Just…no, I can’t.”

“…My God. You’re in love with him.”


For a second I thought, “Yeah, she should just forget him. She’s stupid for being in love with him!” But then I realized I’m in her shoes now. I know how she feels. I know how much pain she must be in for losing everything, yet she can’t hate the man who did it to her simply because she loves him.


You have poisoned my thoughts. I am risking everything for you. But I don’t care, because I love you. I know one day everything will be worth it: tears, sacrifices, everything.


It’s almost 2pm here and I think I’m going to start season two now before I start studying for Chemistry. I’m glad you had a good day and I’m sorry I made you worry. Thanks for telling your mom about coming over. I hope we can convince your parents. As promised, I will begin to do most of the research for you.


I’d do anything for you. Anything.





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