Baby, I’m in denial.

I still can’t get used to my old routine, even if it’s already been a week. I still wake up thinking I’m in Nick’s house. I still wake up thinking you’d be waking up, too. But I guess that’s the thing with us equally-stubborn lovers: we live in denial of the reality we refuse to accept.

You are probably at school now and I miss you. Well, I always miss you. But there’s something about tonight that makes me miss you even more. Maybe it’s because I’m sick and nothing would make me feel better than your tight hugs. Or maybe it’s because I know you will have a stressful day and all I want to do is to take away all your stress. Whatever it is, it’s starting to tear me apart. 

I’m going to sleep this off before my emotions get any worse. I’ll be sleeping with your hoodie on because it’s the closest thing I can get to your warm embrace. Hopefully that will make me feel better.





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